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Most camcorders are left in drawers and cupboards soon after purchase, emerging only for the occasional holiday or birthday party. Even when they are used, the footage recorded is usually shaky and tedious, and users rarely consider editing it into something enjoyable. We can help you to shoot and edit creatively, and help provide you with inspiration for your own projects.

Online video services such as YouTube are great, but they cannot beat projection onto a big screen. Come and see your masterpieces as they were meant to be viewed, and benefit from the praise, encouragement and constructive criticism of fellow videomakers and enthusiasts. Enter your films into our competitions, and benefit from the experience of our judges.

No camcorder? No problem! You don't need a camcorder to be a great filmmaker. Get involved with our in-house productions. Got a talent for acting, directing, editing or scriptwriting? We'd love to hear from you. Similarly, if you have an idea for a project then run it by us.

Local groups - do you have a story that needs to be told? Let us know, and we may be able to put it into moving pictures.

Visitors are always welcome, as are new members.
Feel free to email us or drop by during one of our club nights.