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Events marked * will be held at our usual club venue (New Bridge Inn) and will start at 7.30pm. Affiliated events are displayed in italics.


September 2016  
22nd (Thurs)* Film an Interview with Ben
October 2016  

6th (Thurs) * MMM Interclub Competition - Derby
16th (Sun) MMM Movie Festival, Newbold Verdon
20th(Thurs)*Music Competition
22nd/23rd W/E IAC AGM Weekend

November 2016  
3rd (Thurs)* Andrew G's Evening
10th(Thurs)Chocolate Soldier Competition, Sutton Coldfield
17th(Thurs)*Wimbourne Showreel
20th(Sun)CEMRIAC Autumn Festival, Sutton Arts Theatre
24th(Fri)MMM Interclub Competition - Nuneaton
26th(Sat)Filming This is LCA

December 2016  
1st (Thurs)* Club Night - TBA
15th (Thurs)*  Club Competition - "60 Second" & Christmas Party

January 2017  
12th (Thurs)* Club Night - TBA
20th (Fri) MMM Interclub Competition - Lichfield
26th (Thurs)* Filming 'The Contract'

February 2017  
9th (Thurs)* Club Night - TBA
23rd(Thurs)MMM Interclub Competition - Sutton Coldfield

March 2017  
5th (Sun)
CEMRIAC Seminar, Worcester
9th(Thurs)*Club Competition - Open
15th(Weds)MMM Interclub Competition - WAVE (Long Eaton)
23rd (Thurs)* Club Night - TBA

April 2017  

6th (Thurs)* Club Night - TBA
9th (Sun)
CEMRIAC Spring Movie Festival (TBC)
Interclub Competition - Leicester

May 2017  

June 2017  
25th (Sun) MMM Midsummer Madness & Annual Dinner