News: Two films through to North vs South final

24th November 2008

Congratulations go to Derby Movie Makers for their films “Situation Vacant” and “Write it Down”. Both films successfully made it through the southern qualifying heat of the North vs. South competition, held at Orpington Video and Film Makers on 23rd November 2008.

Their films will join 3 others chosen from the southern region to pitch battle against 5 films from the northern region at the Grand Final on Sunday 25th January 2009.

The theme for this year’s competition is ‘Be Prepared’, and organisers of the southern heat hope that one of its 5 films will be good enough to bring the John Wright trophy back down south for the first time in 3 years.

“Situation Vacant” was awarded first place by the judges, and was awarded second place in the audience vote. The film follows the fortunes of Julia Grigson, a job-seeker who, despite her best efforts at interview preparation, finds herself centre stage in a recruitment process wholly different to any we have seen before.

“Write it down” was awarded fifth place by the judges, and follows the fortunes of forgetful Charlie and his long suffering wife as they struggle to remember what they did 10 minutes ago.

Derby Movie Makers are hoping that their films will also help them to retain the Tony Rose trophy for a second year. The Tony Rose competition always shares the same theme as the North vs South competition, and this year will be hosted by Derby Movie Makers themselves on Thursday 4th December.