News: Situation Vacant awarded 4 stars at BIAFF 2009

24th March 2009

Derby Movie Makers are delighted to announce that their film, Situation Vacant has been awarded FOUR STARS at the IAC British International Amateur Film and Video Competition.

The film has been selected for screening during the British International Amateur Film Festival (BIAFF) in Chesterfield April, 24th - 26th April 2009.

It’s the culmination of a success story that has seen the film win the Tony Rose Competition and the Southern heat of the North vs. South competition.

The film follows the fortunes of Julia Grigson, a job seeker who, despite her best efforts at interview preparation, finds herself centre stage in a recruitment process wholly different to any we have seen before.

By being awarded FOUR STARS, the film was judged to be exceptionally well made, and is a great reflection on everyone that made it.

BIAFF is the Film and Video Institute's (IAC) very own film festival. Attracting entries from all over the world, the festival is renowned for drawing in work of exceptional quality and high standards. This year's festival will be hosted by IAC-affiliated amateur movie making clubs in the Central and East Midlands region (CEMRIAC), including Derby Movie Makers, who will be lending their support throughout the festival.

Tickets are still available for the Festival via the IAC website. We hope to see you there!