News: Derby Movie Makers to tour

17th September 2009

Groups and organisations in and around Derby will have an opportunity to put on a free film show for their members, courtesy of Derby Movie Makers.


The filmmakers are gearing up to take their show on the road in an effort to bring their films to a wider audience and show local people what they do.


“We have some of our films viewable online via our website, but nothing beats seeing them on a big screen with an audience”, said a club spokesman.


Apart from giving local groups and organisations a no-cost enjoyable evening, they hope to encourage others to make more creative use of their camcorders and take up filmmaking as a hobby.


“Filmmaking need not be expensive. Camcorders are cheaper than ever, and even today’s mobile phones give people the chance to be aspiring Spielbergs. But making a film by yourself can be tough – that is where a club can help, with members that are willing to share their ideas, knowledge, experience and equipment with you.”


And filmmaking is not just about pointing video cameras. Local scriptwriter and Derby Movie Makers member Richard Layton enjoyed great success with his film ‘Situation Vacant’, earning 4 stars at the 2009 British International Amateur Film Festival.


Any groups interested in having a film show are invited to contact Derby Movie Makers via their website.